About the Artist:  Eric Wakefield
Eric Charles Wakefield was born in New York state.  He and his brother grew up in middle class suburbia, where Eric’s childhood learning disabilities helped emphasize his artistic talents.  His school years were difficult and frustrating and from an early age Eric turned down the road of being labeled a trouble maker.  Eric’s high school years were rocky at best, during which he learned more from the school of hard knocks than from the classroom or books.

After high school Eric went to community college, studying at the local art school when  possible, where his talents blew away both faculty and peers. He focused on his art, exceeding his teachers’ expectations and having monthly showcases of his own.

While in college Eric met Maggie Manion, a friend of a friend who worked in the local coffee shop.  She made him coffee, he sketched her picture.  They moved to Rhode Island where Eric’s art broadened to include sailmaking and folk art furniture. He worked to make ends meet while trying to maintain the time and energy for his paintings on weekends and occasional “sick days” spent in front of the canvas.  His encouragement came from friends and family with never ending requests to keep the paintings coming, and his parents who were always quick to supply a fresh canvas or bottle of paint. 

Eric lives in Rhode Island with his wife Maggie and his cat Cleo.  His passions include  music, tattoos, the great outdoors, his friends and family.  Eric’s art demonstrates the many facets of his personality. His colorful, “wonderland-like” paintings show his sense of humor and imagination.  His eyeless soul-searching figures staring from the canvas show his dark perspective. His love of history and sense of social commentary is apparent in his paintings about war, terrorism and the corporate machine. His appreciation and study of classic technique is clear in his take on the Madonna and child and the inspiration he takes from graffiti and the subculture of rock and roll is revealed in his tag---the way he finishes and signs each painting---“WAKE”.

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